On your business card, it says...

Well see, that's the problem. I was looking at my business cards today and realized it really does need to be changed. But what to say?

That's a problem for me. I write here of my varied projects. Some of them. There are more that I don't speak of...I'm studying and learning and finding all sorts of intriguing ways to expand my already overloaded schedule. So what is a woman to write on her new business cards? I mean, right now they refer to pottery. I haven't made pottery - not really - in a very long time. (We won't even get started on that little experiment last week where I showed some people what goes on before they get to drink out of a pottery mug or eat their ice cream out of a funky-cool-earthy bowl.) And so I suspect they should not refer to pottery at all. Although I want 'em to.

Maybe I should get three to five different ones printed up depending on the situation, each looking roughly the same (I love my design, thank you Katie, the designer who gave me the original design and with whom I've lost touch - maybe she'll see my blog one day and email to say hi - I'd like that,) but having different text.

Better decide soon 'cause I'm gonna' run out.