Reporting back on the experiment

I should have said so earlier. The experiment worked a bit. I am a big user of the power of suggestion and can usually convince myself - if I want to - that I'm in a better mood than I am. Provided that wonky hormones aren't in the picture.

And since I was able to trick myself into being in a slightly better mood last night than I'd been before, I was also able to get a lot of progress accomplished in this office. IT's still closing in on me 'cause I just have so much STUFF in here. However, I can actually find half of it, and now that I've also cleared one more shelf that can go out to the screened porch which is about to be my pottery studio, I'm going to be clearing even more. Namely a desk with drawers for supplies, and the aforementioned shelf.

Breathe. Right now it can't be done. I'm working on my first real e-commerce project and it's been a bear for me. I let it grow too big in my head and turn into this thing I procrastinated with just about every time I turned around. And so I will continue to work on my little online store and one day I'll be thrilled to send you there!