Reality TV - on the better side

Every, every time I watch Extreme Makeover - Home Edition, I cry my eyes out. I often forget about it but last night happened upon it, trying to find a way to distract myself for a while. They always find the most deserving people you ever heard of and give them houses most of us will never dream of having.

I know there are - as with every aspect of life - probably arguments for and against such extravagance for a few when so many are suffering.

I will not make this argument. The families they seem to choose are filled with people whom I am convinced will take their good fortune and go out and do good for others. Evidence from the show suggests they're already doing such.

When you see the faces of a family of six who took five teenageers (well, one was twenty) in to their home after their parents died within two months of each other and they willingly all live like a loving family, sharing three bedrooms, including a garage, and postpone the realization of dreams for several of them so the family can be together and "make it," I gotta' hand it to this team who went in and created a truly amazing reflection of the desires of each member of that family, including the grandmother. And made the house solar and otherwise energy efficient in such a way that the maintenance expenses should be less than when in their former house.

I'm bawling like a baby as I watch these grateful people and the very moved team of builders and designers. Makes me not hate "reality tv" quite so much. Evens it out or something.