Busy "downtime" now that I'm home

Back in my little house, I'm feeling a little antisocial today. Not in an antagonistic or unfriendly way. It's just nice to be here, able to follow my own unpredictable "schedule" and accomplish some of the things on my list that's been mounting while I was away.

This week I had several conversations with people I've either not seen in many years or some I never met before. The talks that turned toward career-related topics reminded me more and more that it's time to revamp my own website. Never mind the ones I've been working on for others, my own site is slipping. And has been for a while.

So one of the upcoming activities on this list I'm telling you about will be to revamp my website a little bit. Rather than tell you what's coming, why don't I review the changes after they've occurred and I can better introduce my growing number of site visitors to the streamlined navigation of my site.

More soon!