Love visiting my parents

My parents have gone to their respective offices and I'm having a little me time. With the birds whom I hear get a little more talkative when I arrive. Jesse is the parrot who is entertaining me right now.

I came here for a few days to visit and also help out. Mom and Dad are hosting their church Vacation Bible School and the theme suggested the need for a potter. Voila - call the daughter. Never mind she hasn't actually turned on a wheel in so long it's laughable.

So the clay was too hard and my first attempts were horrendous, but the kids loved it. Loooooved it. At one point I leaned back for a second and looked down and there were these piles of kids surrounding my wheel, hands in my clay, "helping me." "You've lost control," you might suggest. But alas, you might be wrong. See, while the children were content to sit and watch when I asked them to, there's something very tactile about throwing pots. And you could just tell they were dying to get their hands on that wheel and into that ball of clay. There is not one tiny bit of harm in that and so they got to touch and they were thrilled.

My parents are adorable. Simply wonderful. I do believe I agreed to go visit them both at work today which means this nice, lazy morning is gonna' have to come to an end soon. But it's so excellent here with my coffee and the homey smell of turkey bacon. I think I'll chill a little longer...