Wonder if this is caused by the meds?

I've got this weird little compulsive twitch. Not huge and all the time, but lately I've felt myself making these little squinting motions with my eyes. I don't like this. At all. Not only is it unattractive (yea, I'm occasionally vain, but truly you can't blame me on this one, can you?) but it's uncomfortable. I'll notice it after I've been doing it a while and it just doesn't feel good.

I have to find out if this is a side effect of Adderall. I don't remember it from last time I took this particular med, but then again, I don't know how long it's been going on this time either.

Then what? Do I learn to train myself not to do it? It's difficult but clearly doable. Or change meds again? It's very, very tiresome to change meds again. And again.

These are the downsides of choosing medication to combat this issue.