Awesome article on bee sting remedies

Since this morning's experience, I decided to do a little research online (people used to call the pharmacy immediately...the online research has most certainly taken a bit of the attention away from the immediate calls to pharmacist's not a scientific guess but I'm just convinced it must be true.)

Check out what I found over at Slate, written by William Brantley in September of 2003. I'm dying to ruin it for you but I'll hold off. If you just want to know what he discovered, quick and simple, without reading his process - which was far more thorough than I'll ever give ya, darlin's, just scroll to the bottom and read his conclusions.

But I will tell you this. He intentionally went and got himself stung by bees on I think it was 6 different occasions. Anybody who does this in the name of research is okay by me. I mean, how can I argue with his findings? Maybe they could be improved upon, and I'm sure there are those who will even argue that they can. But he's gone further to track down this information than anybody else I know. And frankly I don't have time to read further. I HAD a to do list when I was so irritatingly interrupted. Better get back to it. And I'll tell you later about the performance of the remedy I chose after reading his article. :) So far it's still stingin'.