Festival time crankin' up

I'd been out of "that loop" for so long, I hadn't really realized so many organizations were working hard at planning their festivals for the fall. Within three days I've just received exhibitor applications for two local shows to be held in October. The first one was a familiar sight. I've had booths at this one many times.

The app that came today, though, is a new one for me. I'm vaguely familiar with this specific art in a park event although I've been otherwise occupied in the past and so never went before. They publicize it fairly well, though, which is encouraging to a potential participating artist. Someone's been sharing their mailing list 'cause they never sent me anything before. It's a mailing list I don't mind being on, though, especially now that it's going to contribute to my "bread and butter". I'm not one of those people who romanticizes about the life of the starving artist. Nope; too spoiled, this lady.

So it's time to rework the budget. When I "came home to work for myself" this time around, I had it all planned out. I pretty well knew what I had to do and what my expenses would be. How did I forget about possible booth fees? (I think it just seemed so far away, this fall and holiday season.) Now with forty bucks here, and fifty there, I'd better crank up my productivity or I'll be in trouble. No worries. I've been pretty proud of my productivity since I left the day job and I can't see anything tapering off.

Now to re-read this second application. Although I sent the first one in with no hesitation, I'm reading that this event is juried. Which means there's a possibility I won't qualify. There's a certain appeal to knowing just anybody can't participate. Not that this tells us how stiff the competition will be, of course.

I'll keep you posted!