Weird dreams last night

Do you ever have dreams at night that leave you feeling exhausted and frankly icky? I have just woken up. And remembering the two separate dreams I had - that blended one into the other - leaves me tired. If I break down the parts they aren't horrid. Noone died or hurt anyone physically...nothing like that. Nobody was chased or stalked or frightened.

But I didn't like these dreams.

Now that I'm awake, they're following me around. Remember studying sleep cycles in school? I think perhaps this slow-to-wake and let go of this last dream could be partly due to awakening during the "wrong" sleep cycle.

It's all very interesting, this dream and sleep stuff. I've written before about how I used to participate actively in a dream group. We looked at symbols, wrote our dreams down, shared them and so forth. These days as I prioritize, it seems that while I'm certainly interested, I just don't have the energy to make the time for such. Too much else seems more important.

But I sure do wish I could wake all the way up and feel perky and happy. That "stuff" I'm talking about doesn't need to wait much longer. Maybe coffee will help.