Aren't farmer's markets the best?

Buying locally grown - or at least regionally grown - produce makes me happy. First, it just tastes better than what supermarkets offer.  It also feels good to know I'm making a small contribution to supporting agriculture in my area. Of course I also get a little delusional when I go. Seeing those rows and rows of fresh-picked gifts of the earth, I convince myself I, too, can cultivate a little garden. Perhaps you read about my excitement, ages ago, when I was going to plant all these seeds and start a glorious garden. When's the last time you heard me talk about my little garden? The tomato plants I started from seed, and proudly nurtured in the window until they were large enough to put into the ground, barely even made it out the door. That planting was such a desperate attempt to save their little lives that they were put in a spot close to my back door - a spot where my fabulous herb garden impressed so many of my friends (and myself too) last year. But there isn't enough sun there for tomatoes, see, and so they're leeeetle.
Last week when I had dinner with my sister and her husband, I had much garden envy. Oh the glorious growth, the tasty tomatoes, the cuter'n you can imagine cucumbers, and the thriving herbs that have to be clipped so regularly or they'll take over the world. Jealous much, Mel? Well, I don't work in my garden. They, on the other hand...
So about the farmer's market question. I'm trying to figure out why - if I love them so much and have access to several different ones - I hardly ever go. Do you know that in a parking lot nearby, booths are set up midweek,once a week, and fresh produce and flowers are within walking distance to me? I was so excited at the prospect, upon leaving my former job, of going there every week since I wouldn't be miles away in an office and would have the flexibility of making my own schedule.

Guess how many times I've been since I started working for myself.

Here's another question regarding these markets.  Why in spite of my best intentions to get up and go to "the little farmer's market" this morning - the Greensboro Farmer's Curb Market - am I letting myself get caught up in so many other things that I know I won't get there in time for "the good stuff"? Which I suppose is okay, because I'll just go to "the big one" a little further away. The Piedmont Triad Farmer's Market is not that far away at all.

The reason I usually prefer to go to the curb market is that I have these sentimental connections there. I often participate in Pottery Festivals there, and have friends who do the same. It's even closer to my old apartment where I lived for so many years, and I find that when I go there I run into people I know. I sometimes feel surprised at the sudden realization that a sense of community feels so important to me. Maybe the trips to my little farmer's market - when I bother to get up and go there - make me feel connected to something outside my house. In a "don't have to join or commit to anything" kind of way.
Now that I think more about it, I really do need to go today. Not only do I want fresh produce but sometimes you can find some vegetable plants already started for you to put in your own garden. Maybe I can get some good herbs to plant. My two little basil plants, formerly quite happy and impressive, have attracted some critter or other. Why is that? Sis and husband were proud to show me this "bag a bug" thing they discovered that attracts those big fat beetles and captures them so they won't eat your stuff.
And I've seen some of them in my yard. Wonder if they're eating my basil?

I'll be sure and let you know if I actually make it out there...