Had meant to introduce you to Cindi by now

Cindi, with whom I've been friends for 23 years - is my friend who also experiences the joys and challenges of Attention Deficit Disorder. Only I think hers is actually officially Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which might explain why she gets up to run several miles every morning. Or did...I haven't kept up lately. I just know she's so busy and energetic it makes even me tired in ways my own full life doesn't make me.

Anyway, the idea of a collaborative site first evolved during a particularly amusing (to ourselves, anyway,) phone conversation sometime more than a year ago. We haven't lived in the same state for years, and somehow we still manage to continue a fairly close friendship in spite of the miles. More benefits of modern technology. And our shared ability to start and stop a conversation with little to no introduction, and pretty much entirely without quality transitions.

On this particular day - I think it was a Saturday and we were each deeply involved in about 7 simultaneous household projects - one of us suggested we should write a book together. If only to amuse ourselves. Which we most certainly would. The idea, we agreed, would be to give people a glimpse into the minds of people like us. It's a nice safety zone to have a friend who "gets it" when most people around us find our energy tiresome and probably a little irritating. Well, we can amuse ourselves for hours and this book idea morphed into something else which morphed along until - voila...we stumbled upon the idea of a collaborative website. When I got into blogging, it was the perfect medium. Instant-gratification pleases us both and so why not do this together?

So I got it going and was gonna' set things up so she could say hello and start posting entries here for you to read, too. From the perspective of a married mother of two. With a career and activities galore. But between our often incompatible schedules, it hasn't happened yet. I thought surely by this week. But wouldn't you know it? She's at the beach. And alas, I am not. (No, I'm not bitter. Don't try to read between the lines. I LOVE sitting in a square box of a room with the sound of the washing machine thumping down the hall, noticing that the clock moves too quickly for me to have accomplished what I've gotten done so far today, knowing there's more on that mental to-do list (why, on WHY didn't I write it down today? I know better than to start a single day without my list!) that's simply non-negotiable before I can go amuse myself with non-working activities. While Cindi basks in the heat and waves and sandy, salty air. Really, not bitter at all.)

Never mind. Time will pass and maybe one day we'll both be inundating you with insights you just might find helpful.  And if not, we'll still be amused. By, with, and for ourselves. Until then, at least you've got me. :)


COMMENT was originally posted by: Cindi
DATE: 07/28/2005 10:09:37 PM

Tis moi!! After another busy and yet somewhat mundane day with 2 offspring, a dog and a ga-zillion ants in my cabinets, I finally find some resting and computer time. I only have about 5 minutes...well, there's the phone ringing...it was my oh-so NOT ADD friend Kelly...she's picking me up at 6:45 for our PTA Board Meeting/Wine Tasting Dinner at 7PM. If you have to volunteer, it's nice to turn it into a lady's night out!

Of course my 5 minutes are up...but I wouldn't leave without saying that the ga-zillion ants are gone, as are half the baking supplies in my cabinet. As one thing typically leads to another, I cleaned under the sink today and borrowed a friend's HUGE, Mammoth, non-environmentally friendly Dodge truck (my van is getting a 60K mile whatever, can't wait to get her back...never thought I'd say this, but oh how I do LOVE my Town and Country!!!!) I purchased the liner for under the cabinet and now that's all spiffy and clean and organized. I won't list all my other cleanings and organizings of the day/week as you really can't care.

I will share with you something cool aboout the day. My 5 year old son found a butterfly that our cat sort of caught and mamed and has nurtured it all day. My daughter named her Sheila and sadly I may have misled them into believing that like the many starfish they saw at the beach last week, Sheila's wing will grow back. There will be a time they'll realize I lied about that, as I guess most butterflies lifespan is but a bleep on the starfish radar screen but it did entertain them for much of the day...that and the 50 cent CD (nothing like hearing your 8 year old daughter sing '......just a little bit'.) It only happened twice then I had to put Allison Kraus, Harry Conick Jr, and a few others in the CD spots so she wouldn't 'accidentily' put that CD on when hitting the random play button.

One more cool thing then I MUST get ready....I made homemade chocolate sauce and had that and ice cream for lunch so the caffiene is still pumping (I ran this AM and had plain yogurt, kashi and fruit, lest you judge my noon meal choice.) The friendly dictorial mother that I am decided SpongeBob was getting a little to comfortable in my home so the new TV rule is you may earn a minute of TV time for every minute you read. Well, my daughter has read more in the past 3 days than the entire summer combined. She too is ADD and hates doing anything that requires focusing...especially a book from her summer reading list that she isn't interested in....joke books and books with many pictures are her style....though she'd let me read to her all day. The problem with that is I am the type who never sits and when I do, I fall asleep, reading to my children is like lying next to the ocean on a cool evening after running a marathon...I'm a goner!

Somehow we'll make it through and she'll be okay, right?!?! Time for the wine-tasting-PTA-Board meeting-shower.
COMMENT: by Melody
DATE: 07/29/2005 12:15:17 AM

Hiya! Thanks for posting. Hope the PTA thing is fun...I don't recall those kinds when we were kids. Then again, I don't recall being invited to all of 'em either. Hmmm...