When freelancing is really cool

If I weren't having so much fun with the paying work, I'd probably get my own website into better shape. I'd have my home page at melodywatson.com combined with this site's home page since that's so much more efficient. As it is, there are so many "has to be done first" items on the waiting list, time continues to pass and pretty soon I see another charge in my bank account for the quarterly hosting plan for the one I've used for years. Not that I don't think they're great. But this Squarespace is much superior in every way. (As far as I can tell, anyway.)

Among my favorite projects lately have been the website I built for Dena Harris for her new book, Lessons in Stalking. After that, I naturally got to help her tweak her main website to accommodate the new site's presence. And somewhere along the way, I guess I convinced her (along with the help of our friend, Rachel,) that using Squarespace for "all her blogging needs and more" would be vastly superior to maintaining separate blogs for her personal postings, her current professional ones, and another one for each of the books she publishes. So I got to help her put that together, too, and now we have "Why Aren't I In Charge?" which is incredibly funny.

I'm also having a blast with another website upgrade that I'm not quite ready to show you yet. (Nothing personal. I just think the clients might prefer to have their own peek first, y'know?)

It's really interesting to follow a new trail, don't you think? What I mean by that is the networking potential in every little thing you do. Meet one person, they have a need you can fill or at least you might be able to help point them on their way to filling. Meanwhile, something opens up for them and they can't really help the one who needs the service, but now they know you! Check. Another connection. Then you happen to be standing in line in front of someone who overhears the two of you talking about a potential project and that person has been looking for something just up the alley of what you were talking about!

I'll tell you more about all this later on when more tangible details are worked out. Until then, know this: if you've been wondering if you could make it as a freelancer, consider this your own personal encouragement. If I can do it...