Some Saturdays are just like that

I'm finally starting to figure out how the meds help us A.D.D. types. When I got my first prescription filled, I thought it would just make me focus. Period. Oh buddy, was I wrong. It's hard to explain but it seems to help me NOTICE when I need to reign in my thoughts. Instead of just jumping from thing to thing, I figured I'd suddenly have a clear mind, able to concentrate on a single topic at once. Sometimes, sure, but at others while my mind is certainly much quieter, I still am inclined to jump all over the place. But now if I need to be "doing it a different way," the meds help me stop myself and get back on track. Kind of what a parent or good child care provider does for a very young person. We become our own guardians.

Well, sometimes (like Saturdays, for example,) in spite of my choice to take my medication, I just allow myself to follow my whims as I see fit. Yesterday is a fabulous example of this. Wanna' hear a little bit? Sure you do! That's why you stopped by! So you can add a little chaos to your otherwise calm and splendidly focused day. Read on, then!

In no particular order, but I'll do my best:

  • Up at around 8:30. Made coffee and came in here to the office to check email.
  • Made a to-do list so I could get the most out of my day.
  • Moved the planner out of my way where it was (unintentionally, actually,) out of my view rendering it not surprisingly "invisible" to me for the remainder of the day. Until this moment I have not looked at that list since.
  • Burned a marketing CD (legally - it's distributed by someone who wants to sell his services and he's happy to have his potential customers proliferate it as much as they'd like,) for a colleague who's up against a deadline for a marketing plan. (Was supposed to send it something like a week ago. I wonder if she's done with that plan yet, or if this will help at all? Well she'll need the information anyway, regardless if it's not integral to the written document... I think so anyway.)
  • Took a shower. Aah...freshness in the humid south. Nothing quite like it.
  • Folded some laundry and switched the loads around.
  • Washed some dishes.
  • Worked on a web development project for a client who likely wish I'd done this leg of work the day before.
  • Emailed her with the results.
  • Returned a phone call.
  • And another one.
  • Replied to some emails.
  • More laundry.
  • Bagged up the garbage that was piled a little too high for my happiness.
  • Stopped mid-process to shred the rest of the stuff that didn't get shredded when the shredder was inadvertently unplugged, so I could put that full bin's worth of paper in the huge recycling bag that had plenty of room left.
  • Emailed a friend to say hello and say maybe we could get together tomorrow 'cause my productivity was far too high to stop now.
  • Put two 25lb bags of clay into a wheelbarrow for transporting to the shed.
  • At which time I discovered I could not bear to live with the mess one second further so had a 2 hour impromptu organizing fest back there. (The only people who will likely appreciate the magnitude of this decision are Rachel and Bob who just left to move across the country and so will have to settle for an "after photo," but OH they'll be as pleased as I am, I'm sure.)
  • Took another shower.
  • Found scraps of wood for making the thing I wrote about in the .
  • Started building the thing.
  • Somewhere in there stopped for dinner. I think there was breakfast somewhere along the way, too, but that was sometime after noon.
  • More time for building that thing.
  • Took another shower.
  • Watched some news accounts of the approaching storm, Hurricane Dennis, which led me to wonder if I should call family members. Decided not to, that waiting until this morning would be okay.
  • AC freshly inside, would have channel surfed if I hadn't poured coffee into my remote control last week rendering it a useless waste of space, and, instead, got caught up in some horrid documentary about what it's like in some California prison or other.
  • Back to the Weather Channel.
  • To bed somewhere around 1:30.


Today, I must admit, hasn't been quite so productive. I'm feelin' a little sort from the building project, but I'm still pleased with the progress. And hope I get as much done again real soon.

And that's what it's like! Reading back over it I realize how much I take after my mother. She'd probably reply, "What's so odd about that? You're supposed to get stuff done on Saturday!" Gotta' love an undiagnosed A.D.D. mom. (Of course I know I'm not qualified to diagnose anyone. But I'm just sayin' and if I were...)

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