Combatting the pall of bad dreams

Sheesh. I guess it can't all be rosy and glorious. While I won't bore you with the list of all I was able to accomplish yesterday, and how gratifying it was to go to bed after getting so much done, the night was peppered with bad dreams. Way bad ones. Like those ones you used to have when you walked into your presentation in high school naked, without your notes, or you sat down to take a test only to realize you hadn't the foggiest idea how to answer a single question on the page in front of you. Last night's dreams, though, were about "the old job." The one I just left.

I won't rehash it - trying to pull myself around to the mood of the former day's high, and rehashing it accomplishes the opposite. But apparently I still need to write about the challenge a bit.

These dreams triggered my early morning questions like, "Why didn't I just make a clean break when I left?" I could have. Easily. I have so many, many things in the works - jobs that are so incredibly gratifying and just plain fun. But I was truthful with my former employer when I said I care about the organization. And the people. So many great people. And so I agreed to some consulting to tide them over in this interim period. Now I'm dreaming icky dreams about it and that makes me question my decision. Not so much I won't honor the agreement, but it makes me wonder if it was a bad idea, or if I'm just having bad dreams.

So here's what I'm gonna' do. Turn on some good tunes, log onto the files of the most excellent site I was working on last night for the author whose book is coming out any minute now, and get cranking. We've already had some highly productive email exchanges this morning and I have to say I hope all my freelancer buddies have as much good fortune with their clients as I have this one.

Then after a good hour on that site, I'll get started on a site that has been waiting for my attention for far too long. It's past time for me to pour some healthy hours into the site, and today is the day. Between the happy work and happy music, those icky dreams will fade faster than a fake tan in wintertime!

Happy Hump Day to ya!