The urge to travel

Contemplating the idea of traveling. Of particular concern is how to prepare for a trip that's further away than just a few hours, while maintaining the workflow of my new career path. I'm convinced it can be done, but need to sort through the likely challenges so they'll not be problematic when the time comes:

  • A laptop is pretty much a necessity if a web person is thinking to leave town for a few days. Although most hotels offer business centers that include the use of computers and fax machines, the programs I most rely on are not the norm. Better to pack your own.
  • But what about the transporting of materials and tools for creating jewelry? I'll have to do some research, but I'm suspecting the security folk at most airports would be nonplussed to discover the range of pliers and cutting tools  my daily routine often includes. Maybe there's a way, but it could be, too, that it's just as advisable to plan for acquiring some of these things on the other end of my trek.
  • Now clay could be tricky but less so than sharp metal objects. Packing a relatively small supply of clay would, no doubt, raise some eyebrows, but when accompanied by samples of the finished product, might be permissable. In the end, though, best to check on that, too.

No doubt someone reading will wonder why I can't just leave the jewelry and clay stuff at home and do web work from "the road." But my creative friends will know the answer to that question right away. Sometimes you just have the urge to create something tangible. How fortunate for me that the small pieces fulfill those urges...I'm not prepared to pack a potter's wheel! But the clay...really need to have that with me.

How my mind works... I'm looking at the details on this end, but haven't even decided where I want to go! That's because I'm interested in so many different places. So I'll work out the "how to work from almost anywhere" details, and then start whittling down my destination priorities. I'll let you know what I decide! (Or maybe not...could be a fun game to go away and not tell anyone where I am. Don't ask where that came from. I need to make some coffee.) Have a good Monday!