Word to the wants-to-be-wise

If you are busy and not sure how you are going to fit it all in, here's a suggestion. Do not start playing an old favorite computer game you haven't played in more than a year.

Like, maybe, Tetris.

How gratifying to get such a high score. How horrid to see how long the acquiring of such a score has taken. How the list of things I wanted to do is not much closer to completion than when I got up this morning.

But Tetris is fun, I gotta' tell you, and if you're a human of luxury who doesn't have a lot of gratifying hobbies and obligations, and you're not interested or open to learning a new art or craft form, I highly recommend it as a way of passing your day. You'll find the time passes far too quickly and you're given the (perhaps empty) satisfaction of knowing you can, indeed, kick butt. On a computer.

Or you could do the laundry, work in the yard, continue organizing your office, run some errands, call your family, pet your pet(s), train for a marathon, teach a class, or volunteer at your church or homeless shelter or hospital or something.

I'm happy to report that I called a friend and said "I commit to you right now that I will not, under any circumstances, even look at Tetris again until after Wednesday." She was happy to accept my commitment, understanding that I'm more likely to avoid said vice if I voice it in such a manner. And of course, knowing my attention span, I'll forget all about the game by Wednesday and another blissful year will pass without my having given it a second thought.

But it sure was fun today! :) Happy Weekend!