Question o' the night:

Hello Darlings!

So I'm wondering something. How long do you lie in bed upon awaking sometime during the night before you get up and work a while? This is ludicrous, the way my mind is forever bouncing from topic to topic. Sometimes bounces so high it jolts me awake and I can't get back to sleep for ages.

This particular night I think it has something to do with the unfortunate food consumption choices I made pre-bedtime. Tummy isn't really loving me right now, and so when you're uncomfortable, it's more of a challenge to go back to sleep.

I never had insomnia issues before this year. Not that I recall, anyway.

So I wrote in a couple of my other blogs before asking you this question. Take a look if you're interested!

And I hope you're sleeping beeeoootifully. And that I am, too, within about four minutes. G'nite!