Found another A.D.D. blog

I discovered that there is an established Attention Deficit Disorder blog over at Blogspot. It's set up by the people who bring you "Attend" (and perhaps other alternative A.D.D. products - I'm not focused enough yet this morning to wade through their information.) But you might be interested!

One thing I really liked about the blog so far is that the most recent entry offer a little list for things that will add years to your life. You're offered:

Below is a synopsis of lifestyle changes and the associated years gained because of the lifestyle.
_ Exercise vigorously three times per week; gain 2.1 years.
_ Eat nuts fiver times a week; gain 2.9 years.
_ Maintain a healthy weight; gain 1.5 years.
_ Eat a vegetarian-style diet; gain 2.4 years.

Pretty much good advice, although I am aware that there are some who don't hold this view about a vegetarian lifestyle. I tend to think it's a good idea, but haven't found the discipline and quite enough desire to follow that. Yet.

Where was I? Oh yea, so it's an interesting blog which offers the stories of others who have not had great success with the prescription meds I am currently taking. (You're asking yourself if mine are working, but give me a little while - it takes a little time in the morning to kick in, and I was up half the night and therefore slept late. A good reason for taking it late this morning, no?

I'll be sharing other such links as I come across them. And if you're reading here and know of other resources, please feel free to share in the comment area.