Wouldn't it be cool...a week without sleep?

No, not with the standard bodily reactions that a week without sleep would entail. I'm talking magical, fantasy stuff here. I just think it would be cool if every now and then we could have a week or so without needing sleep. Imagine all the stuff we'd be able to accomplish working and playing through the night. Sigh.

Okay, fine, we can't. Back to reality. This week is fairly atypical for me because not only did I leave my fulltime job to work for me, and I have a jillion projects to sort out, but I also have a friend (busier than I am, by far,) who is moving tomorrow, and I'm trying to help out with the packing. What if my only child - no, I have none, we aren't talking about me - was graduating from high school, I was in my third semester of grad school and was about to have a paper due every week of the summer, were getting a divorce, selling my house, buying a smaller one, working full-time, moving, and managing all the other usual responsibilities of life? That would be intense in a way I am not personally prepared for. Which is why, naturally, I'm spending some of my newfound "free" hours helping her pack.

Meanwhile, I'm working on setting up my "new" office (it's not new at all, but I need it to be completely reworked for my new schedule,) organizing the to-do lists so none of my web-development clients will be neglected, respond to all the emails I've been neglecting, clean this waytoomessy house, order a few jewelry supplies for my inventory that depletes more rapidly than I'd prefer, glaze some new pendants I meant to glaze 6 months ago, learn how to build an online catalog for selling stuff on one of my other sites (I'll link to it one day, but not this day,) and work on some of my own other sites I've started developing. Breathe. OH. And see if I still remember how to throw pots. I officially bought the wheel and kiln, and although the latter will stay in storage for a while, I really, really want to start using that wheel. Throwing pots...what a wonderful experience. Not to mention I've had a list of people waiting to buy stuff for months - I thought they'd given up but when I told them I was going to work for myself again, I learned that many are still interested in having what we talked about.  Oh. It's time to rework my business cards, too.

Breathe again. :) Oh, great. I just knocked an earring into the bottom of my cup of coffee. How fortunate that I have a sense of humor.