Where'd the balance go?

Surely things will taper off eventually. And I'll reclaim some of the balance I've been seeking in my workday. Right? I do believe this was a 12 hour day, and although I was in bed for a while just now, I wasn't sleeping. Figured I'd get up and "play" on the computer for a while. As if I didn't do that enough today.

Was struggling with some code. CSS for a website I've been working on. It was a good challenge, like those Geometry problems in high school. What were they called? Can't remember. Proofs is all I can think of. And if I ever solved one, which was rare but occasoinal, it was glorious. So today when I tweaked the code piece by piece by excruciating piece, it came together just like those high school math class days. Glad there aren't many of those.

And so hopefully, I'll be able to stick to my word when I say I cannot sit in a computer chair for that many hours again. Not for a long, long time. (There's always standing while I work. Isn't that why I bought the tall chair in the first place? So I could work while upright? Note to self...