Well of course an A.D.D. woman would think...

...that she should start a whole bloomin' network of blogs. Nah, nothing like "Why don't I start a blog?! That might be fun!" the way reasonable, balanced people might do it. Nope. Gotta' go off and start my own family of blogs.

Which leads us to this. When you're A.D.D., you might just be what they call "an idea person." Which is to say you're really good at coming up with things to do that amuse you and those who surround you. Then your attention gets pulled away to something else interesting. Over there. Away from that other thing (or twelve) you just started, that was fine indeed.

So when you start a blog, there's an agreement you make with your readers (current and potential, if you're planning in making this thing grow,) that you'll update regularly.

Did anyone mention that some of the A.D.D. people in their lives are notoriously commitment phobic? Just checking.

So here we are, teaching ourselves discipline and structure. I started some blogs, and I got busy with other stuff for a few days (like making a living, but let's not make excuses here...it's all about choices, right?) so I didn't post. But I didn't forget entirely, and so here's what I'm thinking about A.D.D. today. That and how I wish I'd remembered to take that second Adderrall before 3pm, 'cause by then I can't take it or I'll be up all night. And quite frankly I do believe I'd like to sleep tonight. So no second one for me today. It's all just me and myself.

Off to do some other things that caught my attention today. Before the thing after that...