Live music and dancing with children

I just got back from one of those live music extravaganzas a lot of towns like to have for their locals. Where everybody brings a chair or a quilt and about seventy children or a few grandparents, and sit around in a parking-lot-sized-circle around the band, and sometimes they dance. Or, if you happen to be one of the children, perhaps run around in huge circles again and again.

I went because some friends said it would be fun and I hadn't seen those friends nearly enough lately, and I miss them. In the end, it was fun! I love live music. And the 3 year old who was in our party, as well as the friends who invited me whom I miss a lot these days.

As it turns out, the former roommate of the friend who is also the mother of the adorable three year old also came and brought her wee ones, also adorable. And another friend came with me. We didn't bring any children, but there were plenty enough to go around so it was okay. A huge, honkin' party on our little spread in the hot summer parking lot. Was cool seeing the mother of the two kids. Especially when she told me she reads my blog every day and thinks I'm funny. You know us narcissists - we like hearing stuff like that. But it sort of surprised me because I enjoy being funny and even more enjoy the amusing writings of other people I know, but I'm always fairly convinced that I'm not nearly as amusing as those people who humor me.

And I'm prolly not but I liked it anyway, and so I danced with her little boy. Well, I danced with him because he asked me so nicely and is so adorable how in the world could I tell him no? And he was a good little dancer, too, with endless energy and more moves than any guy you ever danced with in your life.

His mom promised me photos and I hope she sends 'em 'cause I think photos are great. Until the three year old's birthday party a few weeks back, I hadn't seen this other mom in years and years, and one of the last times I do believe I promised to send her some photos I'd taken that she was in. It was her baby shower to celebrate the upcoming birth of the little boy who asked me to dance tonight. I never did get those photos printed and so I never sent them to her like I said. They were black and whites and I only got contact sheets printed. So she'd be most excellent if she really does follow through and send 'em. Unlike the ones I never sent to her.

You know, you've really gotta' love digital photography. I love more and more about it every time I take more pictures. Being an instant gratification junkie and all.

Then the friend who came with me and I went and ate some munchies and had a drink and talked for ages, and now I'm home. The last thing she told me was not to stay up until 2:30 this time. I told her we'd see what happens.

And that is what I know right now!