Don't blog and talk on the phone at the same time

...Becasue if you do, you just might lose the last 15 minutes worth of writing. Aaaargh. I was plugging on, although it was long and I've been writing today for so long that my thumbs hurt. Then a friend called, I took the call, quickly logged onto email to send her something she asked for, and here I am back to realize that when I accidentally clicked on a little icon at the bottom of the screen it pulled up a new site, thereby eliminating my connection to the page wherein I'd written all that stuff. A L L L L L that stuff.

I swear sometimes I make myself want to scream. It's a little tiresome being inside my head. You?

So here's a little lesson for the day. Since I've decided to maintain forty eleven thousand blogs and keep 'em updated regularly, maybe it'd be a good idea for me to draft my entries in a word document or something, then paste them in. I don't particularly like doing it that way...somehow makes me feel slightly disconnected from the "blogging process" which is, perhaps, just a weird Melody quirk that I'll have to get over. Apparently, or either I'm gonna' be wasting a whole lot of time typing stuff that poofs into thin air next time I take a phonecall.