In the middle of the night

Let me tell you: it's a very, very good idea to take your prescribed medication on the early side of the day. And if you don't have a time-release one (which are available in most of the products created to help ADD people combat their particular set of,,) and you have to take two doses, here's a thought. If you forget the second dose of the day until fairly later than might be advisable, maybe it's a good idea to take just half. Like I did earlier today.

Then again, maybe you should consider what has to be done before you go to bed. And if you aren't required to have a significant amount of focus...well, darlin's, I'm thinkin' you should just skip it. I sure do miss my sleep tonight. But I've gotten some good work done, so maybe it ain't all bad.

All righty. Time to try again. Wishing you goodnight. Optimistically speaking...