Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? Oddly enough...

I used to record my dreams religiously. Even participated in a "dream group" for several years. I haven't been taking the time to do so lately. Nevertheless, I've noticed my dream life has been gearing up big-time.

Last night I had a long, immensely realistic dream about Tom Cruiser and Katie Holmes. Which is odd for so many reasons. I mean, I realize they're awfully visible these days and if ever I turn on my TV, they seem to be there. But I turn on my television so seldom, and really don't give that much time thinking about Hollywood stars. Nevertheless, I had a long, drawn-out, really detailed dream about Tom and Katie, one of the "new" famous couples.

Without going on and on with details, I can tell you that I shared it with a couple of friends at dinner tonight when I suddenly remembered the dream, and we were all amazed at the detail, how much it went on and on, and just frankly that I'd had it in the first place.

In the dream group, we often looked at the symbols from a Jungian perspective. We'd discuss the possibility that people in your dreams often had characteristics you wished you had more of, or perhaps their lives were guided by qualities the dreamer wished to possess or to develop more of. Sometimes, of course, dreams were merely a reflection of our surroundings. By those (clearly superficial and limited) assessments I'm either seeing too much of this beautiful, famous, everywhere-you-turn couple. Or I wish I were more driven, more glamorous, or perhaps were a part of a "pretty couple."

How odd - but entertaining - dreams can be.