Water in my bed at 3am

You think you're so cool thinking up this new, clever way to keep the kitty from drinking out of your water glass beside the bed while you sleep. You'll bring a sports bottle with a lid on it instead of a cup. What can she do with that? It works so well, you try it a second time.

Note to self: put the lid on tight. Your kitty is smarter than you are. She's got all the water she wants, now, and it's cold in there. Meanwhile, it's hard to go back to sleep when you have forty eleven thousand things running through your mind AND water in your bed, such as:

  • Do I have a doctor's appointment today? I do believe I do! Wonder what time it is?
  • What if I moved to the beach for real?
  • If I set up the wheel later today, will I still remember how to make a decent piece of pottery?
  • Wonder if anybody will donate to my request for donations to the MDA fund-raiser?
  • What, of this clutter, can go into the attic and not really be missed? What about the shed?
  • How many of my friends whom I haven't written or called back are still speaking to me?
  • What does it really mean when you have a dream that someone you love has passed away?
  • Why haven't I updated my home page all the way yet? Drafts don't count, Missy - your site's visitors can't see the stuff on your hard drive.
Man I gotta' get some sleep.