Then Adderall it is!

As anticipated, I spoke candidly with Dr.K about my recent experiences using the medications she'd prescribed. Looking back over the time since I was first officially diagnosed (and elected to try medication) it's been just over a year. And buddy I've tried 'em all. As in the past, she assured me I'm not off my noodle for wanting to make another change. In fact, she's very affirming about my ability to listen to my body and the subtle (and not so subtle, at times) sensations I experience with the varied medications.

I wrote earlier about how the Concerta (at the high dosage I'd been taking) creates a bit of anxiety which, when coupled with the increasing anxiety from my most recent day job, recently departed, was frankly unacceptable. So now not only am I not taking this combination of medications, but I'm thrilled about it.

Let me be clear. I do not tout one medication over another. I'm not qualified to do so and can only speak from my own experience. Everything I read tells me that not only does the individual have to do what's right for her own body, quite often her own body's response to a medication may very well change over time. I know mine did.

And so Dr. K was gentle and calm and told me she completely understood my reasoning. Additionally, for those who are not familiar with this particular kind of medication, do some research of your own regarding what I discovered: this is not a medication that has to get into your system over a long stretch of time. From a layperson's very sloppy ability to explain it, you take 'em in the morning, and they wear off by bedtime. And so it's not dangerous, in that sense, to switch to another one just after taking the former. Now there are plenty of folks who think taking these meds are a bad idea altogether, and I don't suggest they're wrong. I just know that if I had to choose between the chaos that is sometimes my brain and the calm focus afforded me by taking a little old pill in the morning, I'll take the pill, thank you very much. And so while I'm not one to rush through my life, wishing the minutes away, and so am not necessarily looking forward to tomorrow morning, per se, I am going to be pleased, I think, to resume my first dose of a medication that often gave me stellar results.

Oh yea - I mustn't forget to have plenty of cold water on hand. Dude, it makes your mouth soooo dry. Good thing I like water. Even prefer it to the alternatives. Just in time for hot sun in the southern sun!