It seemed like a good idea at the time!

ADD people often have to make a stronger conscious effort, in advance, NOT to do something just because it seems like a good idea at the time. Buying in bulk during the busiest week of your year, for example. SURE the prices are good, and SURE you just bought the new FoodSaver for vacuum packing your food into tidy, long-lasting packages to eliminate waste. Good stuff, that.

But if you already were pushing it to make the time to run these errands with your friend, in the first place, stop yourself for just a second and ask "is this the last chance you'll ever have to go to Costco and buy seventeen pounds of proteinacious foodstuffs and more blueberries than a family of seven could even consume before they go bad?" If your answer is no, brew some really strong coffee and have at it.

My answer, as it turns out, would have been, "Why no! I could go to Costco a little later on. Like next week! I certainly won't starve if I don't buy enough food in an afternoon to sustain everyone you've ever met. Okay, then, do something else!" As it turns out, I've salvaged the hugemongous salmon and cooked it before it went bad, and shared it with not one but two other households, still leaving myself enough to enjoy it for lunch. Now for those whole chickens that seemed like such a good idea.

Oh, and lest I pull one over on you: I ate every one of those blueberries. And would do it again without blinking an eye. MAN I sure do love fresh blueberries!