Procrastinate much?

Nah, me neither. I do get good work done, honest I do! But I could get a lot more done if I didn't put off the less appealing tasks until after the fun ones. It isn't a constant habit, but this morning I'm noticing a pattern.

There's an entry, in particular, that's been showing up on my to-do list since I came home to work for myself. Haven't touched it. Not once.

I think today's the day. I'm probably heading off for a couple days at the beach tomorrow (yea, you can work from the beach - and I intend to, too!) and really don't want this task hanging over my head one more day.

But since I'm writing about procrastination already, I might as well enjoy thinking about a few other things, first. Hey! Let me share 'em with you too! It started last night. I worked until nearly midnight. Then went to bed, insisting to myself that I would sleep soon. And I did not. I think it was 1:30 or so when I last noticed the time on the clock. The things I was thinking about then and the things I'd like to think about this morning include but are not limited to:

  • Search engine placement - There are jillions (a google, if you will,) of tools web developers can use to increase the likliehood that their site is going to actually be seen by people other than their mothers, most loyal friends, and the occasional client. Not seen once or twice, but visited again and again. I am working on increasing my search engine placement as often as possible. On this site, and others.
  • Lamp designs. New ones. Ones I haven't tried before. I have - until now - only created lamps that were designed around a pottery base. Which I made myself, of course. But I have a jigsaw, and I like cutting things with it. And I have a lot of paint, some stamps (some I made myself, and others I bought,) and some cool scrap metal and mesh, ceramic shards and broken pieces of colored glass. Imagine what I can make! (If you'd been here with me last night, I assure you I would have been happy to get up and draw it for you!)
  • That half-finished colored-pencil drawing in my sketch pad over there. I needed a break from the computer yesterday. So I got out those supplies, took 'em to my crisp, white comfortor-covered bed where that spot of sunlight was shining just beeeooootifully, and sat down on a pillow, legs crossed, and begin to draw. Or doodle. Whatever you want to call it. I'm designing a website header that needs to be based on a freehand design rather than one I generated on the computer. So I will draw it myself. The drawing, so far, reminds me of a couple of mandalas I drew years ago. I was really into creating those once upon a time, and even found one in the same sketch pad. Wonder when I'll finish that? Ha...maybe at the beach!!
  • Internet connections. Particularly the difference between that which I use right now (the cable modem fast one I'm used to) vs. the wireless connections that are all the rage. Everyone's talking about it, you know, and although I think it sounds awesome, I also have the paranoid bent of a person who sat in a committee meeting in which an IT professional who is also an instructor shared some of the pitfalls of going wi-fi. But what I should have taken away from that is what we should take from all such sessions: educate yourself and cover your back and you'll be fine. So I need to educate myself, then I can ride the wi-fi train along with the scads of others who have discovered the benefits thereof.
You know, this could really go on and on. But it'd better not. I said I was going to stop procrastinating, and so far, well, you see where that's gotten me.

Hope your day is fantabulous!