Made contact with the MDA

So I finally called Barbara at the MDA and she was like "Remind me when I called you?" I said, "Um, something like 4 times in the past week." Ah. She has a busy life, and so I can relate. At least there's someone else out there who is as scattered as I can be. At least for that moment - I'm sure she's usually on top of things like nobody's business.

She assured me that the most significant progress can be made during the last two days, fund-raising-wise, and that was encouraging. Especially considering how I haven't even sent a single email requesting donations. Or made one phone call. I'm confident that there's still time. (It takes about a nanosecond to type in your credit card and make an online donation, see...not like my hopeful donors will have to help me build a house or anything. Which is a thought.)

So in case anybody wants to go ahead and get a jump on my to-be-anticipated-personal-email, please feel free to click here and make a donation. Any amount is lovely - I'm told that they're really hoping to send as many children as possible to Camp Carefree, with which I am familiar, and which is a wonderful place. The cost is $600 per child. So just as our parents used to tell us "pennies add up to make dollars", I suppose you'd say $5 and $25 donations add up to send a child to camp. Warm fuzzy thought, no?