Waited until the last minute to raise bail money

(Had trouble posting the follow-up so once you read the following entry, just click here to learn more about making a donation, if you're interested. Thanks!)

The more-patient-than-I-am woman - my contact - who works for the Muscular Distrophy Association, might be letting her frustration come through in these understandably consistent voice mail messages. And I don't blame her. I said I would participate in their lockup for raising money. It was the first time I really knew much about the details of this particular fund-raiser. And I agreed to participate because I was intrigued.

I've since discovered that there are those who find this method of fund-raising to be suspect, or even insulting. I respect divergent opinions on most topics, including this one. And so I'll tell you that my own agreement to participate in this fund raiser was in no way meant to be condescending or otherwise negative. I don't believe that agreeing to be locked up and agreeing to raise my own bail money suggests I think that's the only way people will give money to this quality cause. In fact, I know there are scads of ways to raise money for a cause.

But there are so, so many causes to which people can donate their time and money. How to set yourself apart? Well, there are also scads of ways to do this, as well. And whether we like it or not, fund-raisers have to be creative in order to capture the attention of givers. Because many people are already giving. In small and great ways. And quite often we don't want to be approached by yet another group; not because we don't want to help them, too, or because we don't think their cause is legitimate. Quite the contrary! But most people I know are also working fairly hard for the income they receive. And in order to decide to part with some of the hard-earned money, we sometimes have to be approached in atypical, creative ways.

So I'm going to give to the MDA by fulfilling my promise to be locked up soon-ish, and will start raising bail money tonight. First I have some other commitments I have to fulfill. And then when I've put a link here for my friends and family and other site visitors to use to make their tax-deductable, secure donation toward my own attempt to raise the bail money, I'll call Barbara back and let her know how sorry I am to have been so rude. She wants to know where I've gone - I believe that during one of our SO brief conversations I told her I was leaving my job. But she doesn't know, apparently, that I'm getting rolling again on working for myself. And that sometimes in the beginning of such a venture, it takes me a little longer than usual to get everything in order. So I'm not blowing her off, although I supppose I have, and I'm not blowing off my commitment to be locked up for this fund-raiser. But if I don't get on it, this little amount of time will have passed, too, and my good intentions will have meant nothing.

I hope you'll check back for my follow-up post and consider donating a few dollars to my collection. The MDA is a quality, time-tested organization, and I'd like to share more with you about what these funds I raise will contribute to. If not, I still welcome you to my site, and am glad you stopped in. And if so, thank you in advance.

More soon!