Office organization - has to get better

And it has to get better because it can't get worse. Making a lot of progress doess not - I've discovered - equate with nearing the end of this colossal project. When I'm approaching the task(s) with my favorite optimistic stance, it's just more of the journey. But lucky for you (assuming I have a reader or two who'll check in and find this,) I decided to take a writing break right now where the destination looks awfully good. Good thing I have memories of times when icky things really did eventually pass.

Humor me? I'm gonna' make a quick list of some of the things I've accomplished in this room alone (which means I won't bore you with household chores that have nothing to do with my workspace.) Thanks! (Or you can just go away and come back another day, which is probably what I'd do in your position.)

  • Moved the shelves (that came with this room) around so the height is much more appropriate to my new work flow than they were before.
  • Moved my computer - again. All the sections of it. (That does not suggest my cords are yet organized as they need to be.)
  • Hung a new bulletin board. No. That's a lie. I hung this huge piece of decorated paper for backdrop and propped the bulletin board 'cause I decided I'd spent too much time on that part. Maybe next time.
  • Removed all the files from the top drawer of the filing cabinet.
  • Taken the metal hanging folder frames out of their boxes so I can assemble them and get those files in order - for once and for all.
  • Made a honkin mess in all the other spaces in the room that were previously clear.
Breathe, girl!

I keep looking across the room at this copper wire I'm wanting to use in a new project. Then I think of that lb bag of clay sitting there calling my name. Nope, not gonna' play with clay, either. One thing at a time, and that thing is clearing this space.

It's one of the wacked out inconsistencies in my life. I have fabulous ideas and know how to implement so many of them (or feel the bravery needed to attempt such,) but I see the need to get more and more stuff (why should you pay full price for something you really, really will need one day, when you can buy if for half price - or even better - in advance, if you've paid attention to your suppliers' sales and clearance schedules?) Meanwhile, I have less square-footage than I did for years, and baby do I know how to fill it up.

So now I've shared with potential artistic entreprenuers some of the potential challenges to going to work for you. It's a doubt. I've loved these hours - am often sitting at my computer really getting good work accomplished at 10pm which is so cool - and that, and other characteristics are worth it. I'm just sayin' days like these are best in the past. May I remember this again later...when I'm remembering how it was. I'd take pictures but I'd just cringe to imagine anybody seeing this chaos.

Happy Friday, Ya'll!