Photos, color, doors, writing - look what I found!

Every now and then I come across another site and/or an image that really captures my attention. Tonight I stumbled upon "Soul Food Cafe" and, in particular, an entry: Personality of a Front Door. Scroll to the bottom. I love the image with all the photos of doors. Makes me just feel so warm and fuzzy, somehow. I think because this page mingles so many elements to which I resonate: color, form, doors, photography, writing, seeking expression of ideas...each of these draw me and each of these has become a part of what I found on this page.

Soul Food Cafe packages much in its opening paragraph:

The Soul Food Cafe is a portal for artists and writers alike. It is a safe haven where creativity flourishes. The Soul Food Cafe aims to promote creative pursuits as a daily practice. The site is quite literally overflowing with healthy and tasty morsels for every artist. It’s full of tips, techniques, references and encouragement.
Wow. And that's just a few sentences. So far from what I can gather, the rest of the site's offerings are just as expansive. There is often so much power in such seemingly simple concepts.