Last morning at work and I can't sleep

So fine, I'm up. Before the alarm. Tummy feels horribly queasy, and I tossed and turned for an hour. It's not how I meant to spend my last night's sleep before going back to the office. But okay, fine. I'm up. Thinking about all the stuff that has to be finished before I leave. Let me tell you how many people have asked me, "So have you finally realized you're not going to get it all finished before you leave?" Well, a lot. Meanwhile, yea, I've realized that - part of the reason I'm leaving in the first place, because of how far I consistently am from being able to think of completing projects.

And now my job is to be creative. All the time! In the ways I see fit. This is a happy thing.

But not before I take the trash out to the street, iron the blouse I'm wearing today - with my favorite jeans 'cause why not? Have zits, 'cause that's another way stress manifests. That'll be attractive if anybody takes pictures. (People in my department are always taking pictures - even if it's not somebody's last day.)

Then...I get to organize this office. I lay in bed for a long while thinking about the best route to take to get this place into an organized structure that would work for me. I think I've got it. Gonna' work standing up and get a tall chair for when I don't want to. Sitting this much, even when I won't be only doing computer-based work like I did at the office, is too much. So standing seems better. I have new New Balance shoes, and can play peppy music in the cool would it be to actually get some exercise while working at my computer? Good thoughts, y'know?

Then I need to finish cleaning out the space where the wheel is. Ready to start throwing pots again soonish. Very exciting. I think I'm moving this big honkin' desk out there, too, and it'll be a great space for spreading out the jewelry projects. To have a space always allocated to that seems a more efficient route than the current one.

I used to wonder why people felt the need to put their rambling thoughts online. Now I've become one of those people. Hopefully some equally neurotic soul will find this entry and take comfort in the realization that there are more of us out here than just them.

Anyway, time to get on with the morning. Next entry, I'll be a self-employed woman. Woo hoo!