Told my family yesterday that I quit my job

Since my parents were driving up for a couple of days, and I wanted to tell them in person, last night was to be the night. I decided to call sis beforehand because it's a sibling thing. (Hinted to brother on the phone the other night - he said "well I read it on your blog." Which he hadn't, but he interpreted correctly just how close I was. You were right, Ev...I actually already had. Now I work for me. Starting Tuesday) anyway, they were cool. Very cool. As my family always is.

When I told Dad, he said "I had a feeling that's what you were about to tell us." My mother got that "Oh my daughter," look on her face. The one that reflects resignation and awareness that there's nothing she can do about it, even if the news scares her. But she got it, and was glad to know I'm able to consult with the former employers for a while as I get settled in my new routine, with my new clients and projects.

So we're going to hang out today, and that'll be fun. I'm supposed to be over there in 45 minutes. Oops. Better shower. More on the transition soon!