Insomnia stinks

If I were asleep, that would be very much cool. I'd be comfy and snuggly under my summer-weight down comforter and fresh, clean sheets. Wrapped all around my six favorite pillows.

Of course, I'm not asleep, and so I thought I'd take this opportunity to say hello. And to scan a photo for a friend at work I meant to scan a week ago, reply to emails from days ago; Jewell who wrote after her return from Charleston and Sarah who's hiking in Spain. I love traveling and when I can't do so, I live vicariously through my friends. If I decide I'm still not ready to try a final nap before the office, I'll respond to Rhi's email which I may have referenced in an earlier post, too. (Hi Rhianon - you're getting a lot of play in my blog, even though I haven't bothered to write you back yet. Funny story you told me. I'll write soon - thought I'd mention it here in case you think of my site and check in here; you may not, on the other hand, even know I'm keeping a blog these days, in which case you'll read this long after I write you back.)

I also owe my brother an email and a phone call or two. Hey Ev; if you check this I'm not avoiding you - I just have to have more than a quick minute or three to call and write you back - and I haven't had, lately. Big, honkin news in your last email, that! Yea, I'll be calling you soon, don't you worry. Hope you're well and happy. And asleep! Like normal, regular people. Well rested ones, anyway.

So that's the thing about insomnia: it gives you plenty of time to explore thoughts about things you needwanthave to do, but very little energy to implement those thoughts. Meanwhile, I'm about 40 minutes closer to when the alarm will go off, I'm not sure about what I'm wearing to work today, and I'm starting to get... very... sleepy... again.

Think I'll try once more. Gnite!