Setting up a new site for friends

Seattle is all the way over on "the other" coast. From here on the East Coast, that is. And Rachel and Bob are making plans to move there. I haven't ever been, and now I have twice as many reasons to go visit. Rhianon and Aaron live in that area, too, and how interesting that Rhi wrote just yesterday to catch up and suggest, again, that I come visit sometime. What great timing, in light of my recent thoughts! Travel thoughts, that is. I haven't written her back yet, but when I do I'll share this little tidbit with her.

So this whole "websites are cool and so are blogs and what's the difference?" topic is so intriguing to me lately, since website development for small businesses, artists, families and such is among my favorite kinds. Lets me try something new more frequently. I'm becoming more attracted to the possibilities brought to us by blogging software. It gives so much more freedom to quickly and easily develop and expand site content. 'Scuse me. There was a point to this, connected to the first paragraph. Rachel and Bob are about to head west and I'm helping them develop a site/blog that will help them share the process with anyone who's interested. And also help them taste a smidge of what's interesting about this type of web development.

Last night we got together and discussed elements like color, overall feel, images, fonts, and the like. We also talked about categories and links and other such parts that will help us organize the site. Today I worked a little bit on putting together a draft they can look at to tell me if I'm close or far off base from what they were imagining. This is one of my favorite parts.

When it's ready to show, I'll come back and add a link here.


  • I've loaded the dishwasher but not turned it on
  • Found some hangers but not put anything on them
  • Showered
  • Moved the "new" filing cabinet into a semi-permanent locaiton
  • Filed some papers and sorted a few more
  • Taken a couple of phone calls
  • Read some articles related to running web-based businesses
  • and it's almost 1pm.
The list that still remains is much, much longer. Better get to it...