Wondering about raku in a tiny enameling kiln

Since I make jewelry and am also a potter, it's inevitable that I one day try to make pendants of raku. Never mind I've never made one single thing using the raku process. But I have a lot of friends who have, and I think it's amazing. So fascinating, this process. I'll add some liks here soon, that teach more about the process. And how raku differs from other pottery and other clay-art.

One main consideration is that raku is not safe for food. You can't have raku dishes. Too bad, cause it's so beautiful. But how perfect for accessories! You don't need to be able to eat off a pendant or from earrings, nor do they need to be able to hold water.

My friend, Marcy, a potter who has recently been exploring more and more raku, thinks my itty, bitty little enameling kiln will be suitable for making some raku pieces. Maybe so. I wonder if Rachel wants to go to a pottery supply house a few towns over today while we're out and about. Better call and find out. This could be fun. I'll let you know more, later, after I've done more research. And/or actually experimented a bit.