Lists and projects and randomly scattered activities

Is it common for most people to finally make it to the much-beloved Saturday morning only to find themselves nearly immobilized by the potential activities stretching out before them? I loooooove having ideas. And having the ability to implement an awful lot of them. How, then, do we find the time to "Do it All"? I know, I know, we don't. But on Saturday mornings, I sure do wish we did. If I had a genie in a bottle... Of course, if I had one of those, I would, perhaps, phrase my request quite differently.

This morning I woke up with a bit of a headache; am not clear as to whether or not it has anything to do with my decreased coffee consumption of late. So I made some coffee. It's not very good. Especially since I'm also drinking it black right now. What an incentive to stop drinking coffee!

I've since emptied 4 purses onto a towel on the bed, sorted the piles and put some of them away. Then I found a business card of someone I met at a conference, and to whom I'd promised I'd share his information with another person concerning an entreprenurial idea he has whom this other person just might be able to help him with. Actually followed through with that promise.

I've also planted a ton of tomato seeds. (Remember the ones I wrote about back then? Yea, I just now did it.) I have since acquired other seeds, and if they don't make it into the ground, then they'll definitely not yield the okra and cucumbers and spinach and lettuce they show me on the package. So even if I have no idea about how to grow these things, they're certainly not going to grow in the packs. But I don't have a tiller and I suspect the ground needs much more prep before that would be ready. Sigh. Anyway, I planted a jillion tomato seeds, and after I return from the errands I'm going to run in a bit, maybe I'll do some more.

And I shredded a bunch of papers. Does anyone else out there have the trouble I do with keeping up with mail and other paperwork? MAN. So shredding is particularly gratifying. Although I never finish because frankly it bores me.

I've washed a load of laundry, but not folded it, put away some clothes that I'd folded two days ago and left on the table, and let my cat in and out several million times. And ate a very unhealthy breakfast. Researched something online I'd meant to look up a while ago, and printed a couple of results pages (more stuff to ultimately file - woo hoo!) and had one phone conversation.

I also channel surfed for awhile, discovering that many, many people are mighty caught up in the story of a woman who "ran away" the day before her wedding and has now been located and - happily - was not actually abducted as thought. Alleged. These stories always generate so much frenzy and I am not unaware of the enormity of the range of concerns and considerations and perspectives and thoughts this "situation" and discussion thereof inspires. And while it's interesting, I can't imagine it's my business. I mean, it's wonderful that people come together and help in a time of crisis, and community building is needed on many levels. So sure, people need to be informed that they don't need to be concerned any longer, and that they can call off their search. But the friends and family (and ohsomany intended wedding guests) may very well like to be left to return to their lives. So I turned off the TV, but here I am giving my two cents' worth anyway, so there... But that's enough.

Now I have to go finish the list that hasn't made it much past my brain. The list of errands I need to run and the very few items I need to goal is to really work toward budgeting much better than is typical for me. I'm certainly not a shopaholic or spending addict, but I could do so much better and intend to. AND that doesn't mean I'm not gonna' walk over to Rachel's and get her so we can go run the errands we decided, over the phone, to run together. It's more fun with a friend.

The end. (If you read all the way to the end, thanks, but go do something interesting now. I can't imagine that this is interesting to anyone...even myself now that I've gotten it on the screen, but there's something about writing - journaling, if you will - that helps calm my brain. Clear my head. And stuff. Say bye.