Not the regular kind of haircut

After picture - new haircutWow. I finally did it. Got my hair cut shorter than it's been in years. Maybe forever. Certainly more layered. Love it. It feels good, takes no time to wash, less time to dry, and more time to style but only because it's more fun now, rather than because it has to.

I don't think I ever thought I could "pull off" a short cut. Thought my face was too round. Maybe it was. Or is. But perhaps not. Either those around me really like it, or they're just stunned by the fact that I did something this drastic. It's hard to get to a place of comfort with taking that much hair off one's head. It becomes so much a part of who we are. Self-identity, and such. Maybe a security blanket for big kids, or something. Who cares why? I only took a few psychology classes - enough to know there's meaning behind much and I will, if left to my own devices, spend far too much time looking for that which causes just about everything in my life. When I discover that tendency, I try and move on. Life's more fun when you let go of trivial, overanalytical (obsessive) queries about stuff that doesn't matter as much as other stuff matters to you. To me, anyway.

Where was I? Whatever. I cut my hair. It was time for a big change, and apparently all the other changes I've been making weren't enough.Before the haircut It didn't make me sad or to want to cry. Apparently I'm fairly adept at growing it out...without even trying. If I change my mind, I'll do that! Until then, the best part is it's a style that's meant to be messy...if I want it to be. What kind of coup is that?!

Now, I do believe I have to go make some earrings. We're having a "Festival of Employee Creativity" and I'm selling stuff there. Tomorrow in addition to today. I think a few people expected me to have earrings there, and I did not. Poor planning on my part. So I bought some more sterling wire. Don't need more stuff sitting around here, and I promised myself if I spent one more dollar on art, craft, jewelry or other creative supplies, I would actually use it and make it to either sell, or for gifts (they cost money, too, so it saves money in that regard, if you make your own gifts,) or at very least for something I'll use myself.

And I'm still writing. Not gonna' finish those earrings here! Later.