Something special about children

Sitting across the floor from a little blonde girl in a green and white gingham dress at a party, I was enthralled. We were rolling balls back and forth across the tile floors of her grandmother's foyer. Three of them: a golf ball and two others, slightly bigger, plastic and hollow. Like a smaller wiffle ball but without holes. What do you call them? Anyway, we sat for the longest time. Sometimes two other children were there...other adorable children who said equally enthralling things to me throughout the evening which I could share with you just as enthusiastically as I tell you about the little girl in the gingham dress. But this is about my time with her.


I think Amber is three. I should know this for sure, but I don't. She talked to me about watching American Idol with her grandmother, about who she likes the best and about how they're going to watch it together again this coming Tuesday night. Because that's when it comes on. Her eyes sparkled and I was captured in a way adults typically do not capture me. And adults are just fine, thank you. (In fact, I tend to spend 99% of my time with adults. Which is, perhaps, at least a little of why I was so caught up in my time with this child.)

I'm not saying anything new. Children are special. Most people know that. I guess we're all special (my grandmother said we are and I tend to believe things like that!) but I'm talking about that thing that slips away when we get older. If you have children and you're reading this, you already know what I'm talking see it more often. I do not have them and so it's more a novelty when I do spend time with them. Something about the way they look at you when they're talking. The way they explain things without judgment or hesitation.

Anyway, it was a fun party. And I enjoyed many of my conversations that night. With kids and adults alike. But it seems that when I remember this particular event, I'll also remember my alone time with Amber. Simple pleasures - "they" say that's what we should be seeking out more often. Well if this time was any indication of the truth in that assertion, I'd say they're right!