A potter's wheel and a kiln!

It looks like I'm actually going to have my own. For years I've used the facilities at a local studio where I took classes, and sometimes friends and I trade favors/barter and such so my pieces are fired in their kilns from time to time. But now I'm going to have access to my own. You see my hesitation to be too assertive about the topic until it's a done deal. Which is sad. Doesn't mean I doubt my friend. I know for sure she's going to sell them to me. She doesn't use them anymore, and all evidence points to the idea that she also doesn't care to, either. But until I make all the payments, I'd just as soon say it's likely to happen and I'll tell you all about it after the fact. The fact being their becoming my own, that is.

I haven't made pots in a really long time. I do make my pendants, of course, which reminds me of the glazing I need to do before I head over to tonight's birthday soiree for one friend whose sister is giving her - and us - the fun of dressing like pirates for this auspicious occasion. BUT what was I saying? Oh, anyway, aside from making pendants, I'm not really making pots. Or haven't been. Now the wheel in question has actually been sitting on my screened-in porch for months and months, but I haven't taken the time to use it. She loaned it to me since she doesn't really have a good space for it. Funny, though, after she told me I could buy it, which I'd expressed an interest in way back when, I thought "I can throw pots again!" as if I couldn't have always. I guess there's something different about borrowing and having something of your own. I mean, maybe it's tied to the subtle fear of getting really into something...an activity becoming a part of your natural routine...and the rightful owner understandably asks for it back. Then what do you do? I don't know if this is typical or not, but it sure is for me!

So if I actually throw a pot or two anytime soon, I'll put a picture on here and show you the bonafide evidence of whether or not it's like riding a bicycle or not. We shall see!