What procrastination???

Okay, so I'm ready. Mostly. Sort of...I think. We have a fair tomorrow at work and I've agreed to set up a booth and talk about the topic(s) of my choice. Related to my job, naturally. And for a while now I've known, roughly, what I'd like to share. The gist of my booth, if you will.

And when I got home, it was late. Had to go buy stuff. Candy, and other supplies (can't tell...not that anybody's gonna' read, but if they do, how unfair of me to ruin the suprise!) for visitors. There will be visitors. Even if only all my buddies. ;)

Comment cards are printed...all color-coded and stff. There's a box to put 'em in. And a web page with links. (To y'know...stuff!)

Okay, there's really no need to drag this on any longer. I'm sleepy and have no intention of being late to work again tomorrow. It's just been ages since I wrote and I don't want to get out of the habit. May next entry be infinitely more interesting.