What a Hoot!

Now I'm all inspired to start making jewelry again. I haven't beaded in ages...like all year long...and certainly haven't used pliers that much. A little hand cramp-age which is to be expected since I let myself get all out of practice. But so worth it.

The ladies at Betty's church are so incredibly kind: warm and generous and genuine and so gracious. Hope nobody was offended that I declined the many offers to stay overnight. I've turned into a horrid homebody and just really tend to come back to my own cozy bed whenever possible. It has just as much to do with waking UP there, as starting out, y'know? But what a gorgeous place! This retreat center was so picturesque and I find it amazing that I've lived in this area for ten years now and never happened upon it.

If anyone I met yesterday reads this, please know how much I enjoyed myself. Please let me know if you'd like to be notified of any future beading events...I may host a beading party or three in the coming months, and I'll be happy to invite you if that actually occurs.

And Betty, I hope you didn't worry about me driving home. I actually did try to call but we know about the cell phone situation. I'll see you at work tomorrow...all safe and sound.