Learning curves on a saturday morning

I had a nice long thought process (or multiples,) going. An hour ago. And came back in here to find I didn't know quite how to manage something I'm trying to do and poof, all gone.

Things I'm thinking about this morning:

(Aside from the fact I don't know how to make this formatting do what I WANT today!!!!!)

  • Getting this beading stuff in order in time to be at my workshop thingie in time and not frazzled, not having left anything at home.
  • Music - I need to increase my collection since I find myself more and more tired of what I hear.
  • Laundry and how it breeds when I'm not looking
  • The other blogs I find myself drawn to and how my own looks nothing like that. And how I think I'm okay with that. The philosophical stuff, see, is intriguing, and I'm prone to hours of dialogue with my friends and colleagues, if the mood strikes. But who needs to put their most important and still-being-formulated thought processes out there for the whole world to view and critique and remark upon when I'm not even sure if I feel the way I'm asserting, but rather I'm processing these thoughts to SEE how they feel to me as I hear them spoken? No thanks. Although I'm glad others are willing to do it, because it sure makes for some interesting reading.
  • Exercise and the need to actually do it. Found a DVD last night that I purchased three months ago and never opened. It's Pilates and I'm glad I own it because even though a year ago I bought "the big fancy expensive one we all see on TV" and it's actually very much cool and I'm glad I have that one, I also sometimes just (like in every other avenue of life,) need a change of scenery. I like having the option of choosing my workout instructor.(She remarks, as if she's actually followed it regularly enough to call these her instructors.)
  • I'm looking forward to today's events. Then tonight this auction which will be very much cool, too. I hear they have so many amazing things. And I know I'll want to take some home with me. Like I did that big honkin' chair that fills my livingroom, in December. Nothing that big, though, okay Miss Lady? Your movers (whenever you actually move again...that's the last thing on my mind these days) will thank you.
  • How hiring someone to clean one's house seems such a luxury, and yet living in this kind of mess is surely poor feng shui.
  • Wondering how my parents are doing. Think I'll call 'em tonight.
  • And finally, (yea, as if there's a finally to our thought processes,) how I discovered this morning through the fabulously easy to review logs provided by this squarespace account that people are finding my site by searching the keywords "artisan" and "jewelry" which is exactly as it should be. But I haven't put any photos online in so long that they're leaving. Um, talk about missed opportunities. Gotta' deal with that. As soon as I possibly can. (Note to self and anybody else who happens to be peeking.)

Let's go organize and pack a bunch of beads for the workshop. Can't wait to see what everybody makes. Sure hope it goes smootly so everyone has enough time to acomplish what they'd like to.