Seeds waiting to be planted

Along with those projects awaiting my attention, there are a few little packets of seeds I bought last weekend. And some little peat pots to plant them in. Tomatoes and seeds1.jpgbasil are so important to me (among the most novice of gardeners, I felt most proud last summer each time I was able to go outside and cut some fresh basil for pesto or a salad or dressing, or pick yet another tomato (or few.) This year I intend to grow even more. If I hurry up I may get to boast that they were grown from seed. If not, I'll waste these itty bitty seeds, my money, and will have to go back and buy some little plants that have already been started.

I've never planted daisy seeds before but look at the pretty little picture on this packet. You see why I had to buy them. What if I plant them and they turn out to be every bit as the African Daisys on this seed pack? What fun I'm having just imagining myself sitting in my yard (alone OR with others) in one of my little chairs, or even laying on a blanket in the lawn, looking at the beautiful colors and knowing I planted them myself.  That's how I felt last year after I'd only potted (or planted into the ground) those flowers and herbs that later thrilled me each time I walked by.

Of course I have not planted any seeds, and so am only anticipating how it might feel if I pull it together and do so. Can you see my little trick is to share it with others by writing it down so it'll be more firmly implanted in my brain? Not to mention if I write it here, I might stumble upon this post again one day and the reminder will come once again. Either that or someone will ask me about them later. Then I'll either get to happily and proudly share my progress or hang my head in shame that I've wasted the seeds and have nothing to show for my good intentions. Nah...that won't happen this year. Really.