Since tomorrow's Friday, working from home isn't an option

Oh great. I just lost the whole blog. Like the WHOLE thing. All of it. I'm going on and on about how Fridays are better than anything else and how I have a million projects on my plate, each of which is my delightful baby and each of which I wish to devote scads of time and each of which is competing with the other.

I haven't touched clay in so long I can't imagine it's me writing this.

Listening to B52's. Accidentally. Moontaxi is very much cool. Never know what you'll hear. Unless you listen for too long then I suspect you'll find the pattern.

What I find annoying: Seeing the little envelope thingie at the bottom of my monitor announcing the arrival of a new email. And discovering it's just an announcement from some vendor to whose service you currently subscribe, telling you about something they suspect you cannot live without. Little do they know how soon they'll be getting my notice of disconnect. Heh.

Ooooh! What's this "Lo Fidelity Allstars"? I do believe I may have to have more of this sound. That's the nice thing about moontaxi. You get to hear such a range of music. Exposure to much. Which is good. I tend to get into such a white bread middle class kind of primarily radio mainstream music kind of mentality. Ugh. This is a most excellent beat. I must go see about getting it now. Then there really must be some sleep...