I'm enthralled by textures...

FunAnd moving off in the pursuit thereof, found myself subsequently covered in clay dust. Surprised me since I haven't played in clay in a while. Much less with a drill in my hand. Not my drill. But a little rotary tool, nonetheless, that holds a tiny drill bit quite nicely. I enjoyed using that to create the most interesting textures in some of the pieces I'm taking to Marcy's to be fired in her next bisque kiln.

Now I need to go check and see if the new, fresh ones I made from the alabaster clay are drying. StillThere's a ceiling fan on low but you don't want to move too fast - might crack - or too slow - might not be ready to package when I leave for work tomorrow. Stopping on Marcy's on the way home will be much easier if I have work I'm happy with. Future pendants that aren't cracked. Or wet!

It was good to play in clay again. Even if the pieces don't turn out the way I hope, I enjoyed the process tonight. You never really know what you're going to get...but two firings and some glaze sure changes everything.