I love my life

A lot.

It was a productive day at work, after work was fun driving with Margot to "the country" to pick up a prototype lamp for her new design. Wooden base-frame thingie for stained glass panels she and Susie make. I'm gonna' want one for myself. I'm gonna' forget to get her some lamp parts if I don't watch it. Hold on...

Wow! I haven't made a lamp in months. So opening the box was like Christmas. I could open a shop! Oh, wait...I'm working on that. But really, isn't it fun to buy in bulk? It just makes so much sense to have what you need on hand, when you need it, doesn't it? (And when your friends and family need something, too, they think it's also cool you have that particular predilection.)

And I got to see a bunch of pottery friends I haven't seen in far too long. They miss me as much as I do them. It's good knowing you've been missed. What else? Ooh...I even found out that one of the potters who also owns a business that sends people to clean houses (and whose services I indulged and pampered myself with once,) wants a website. Did I mention I also love bartering? La la la, le le le!!! I'm gonna' have help cleaning my house and all I have to do is help out doing something I already love doing. What a score for me! (And just think, I almost drove straight home after dropping Margot off.)

Aw, man, I almost forgot two emails I have to send before I can go to bed. And I haven't been sleeping well lately, so I have to really get on it.

But yes, it's a very good life.