Notes, Replies to sender, & Piles o' bricks

I'm doing it again. Looking at the clock, thinking "okay, five more minutes and I'll go to bed." Was fairly tired when I got home this evening at about 7, and haven't really rested since.

This time I got all excited about a couple of online projects I'm collaborating on, and had to make some notes. I have a meeting tomorrow morning with a couple of people who have a similar sense of anticipation about the possibilities we're working's infectious. It's good to get one's thoughts in order before such a meeting, no?

AND after weeks of thinking I'd get to it tomorrow, I've followed up on a couple of loose ends I needed to tie up, or at least get going again. Three. I almost forgot one. Wow. If I wanted to, I could impress myself! As it is, I know I left dirty dishes in the sink and need to bag up some leaves in the yard, so that keeps me humble.

Meanwhile they knocked down the house across the street and that's the first thing I saw when I got home. No, they didn't bump into it, or start stripping the paint, or dig up the yard. The house is now a bigoldpile of bricks. What an interesting sensation. It's not every day, I imagine, that an entire house becomes deemed so insignificant that it has to be annihilated. Or so I would hope.

Okay, I've got to go to bed.